Monday, December 13, 2010

Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) Hosts Capabilities Showcase

Nearly 600 visitors, presenters and guests attended the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center  (ECBC) 2010 Capabilities Showcase on Nov. 2, an event which featured displays equipment and projects from nearly every team within the Center.

“I have received nothing but positive feedback both from customers who attended and from employees across the Center,” said Joe Wienand, ECBC Technical Director. “I have been told that at least two teams presenting at the event attracted new customers because of their presentations. Representatives from other Army labs who attended were so impressed with the event that they said they would like to host similar events. Leadership from DPW, which has for years been responsible for providing maintenance support in our facilities said that in all that time, they never really knew what ECBC did and that this event really opened their eyes.”

The success of the showcase was evident not only in the number of people who attended and the added customers that were a result of it, but the nature of the work displayed served as a testament to the overall success of the Center’s efforts to to provide state of the art Chemical-Biological defense technology to the Warfighter.

“It was fun watching the stunned reactions of some of the more than 400 visitors walking through the doors of the display area for the first time,” Wienand said. “That first impression carried through as visitors went from booth to booth to talk to the nearly 200 presenters about the depth and breadth of the Center.”

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