Thursday, December 1, 2011

ECBC Teams with PM SKOT to Modernize Army’s Machining, Welding Systems

In November 2010, ECBC ran a feature article in the Center's Engineering Directorate monthly news publication, the Engineering Edge, on a unique collaborative effort between ECBC’s Rock Island Design Engineering and Test Facility and the Edgewood Advanced Design and Manufacturing Division (ADM). In an effort to adapt to their customer’s needs, the two sites collaborated on a series of programs, establishing a unique and partnered-approach to doing business. It was dubbed “ECBC East & West Collaborating.” In particular, the Edgewood and Rock Island teams crafted a seamless workflow, fitting together various project requirements like pieces of a puzzle for the prototype development and testing of the Metalworking and Machining Shop Set (MWMSS). In this issue, the Edge follows up on the MWMSS work.
The Metalworking and Machining Shop Set (MWMSS) is a shelter-mounted shop set in the process of being developed by Product Manager Sets, Kits, Outfits, and Tools (PM-SKOT). The MWMSS’s purpose is to modernize the Army’s machining and welding systems by replacing 24 outdated, unsafe, and unsupported systems. The MWMSS will have two standard systems: Type I and Type II. The Type I system houses everything necessary to perform the full duties of the 91E Metalworker Military Occupational Specialty in a one-side, expandable 8’ x 8’ x 20’ ISO container. The Type II system expands upon the capabilities of the 91E, and will be fielded when accompanied by a Type I system.
ADM completed the MWMSS prototype in May 2011. The systems were demonstrated at Fort Lee, Virginia during Ordnance Week on May 2- 6, 2011. The user community feedback was positive and included several comments and suggestions to improve the systems’ capabilities and functionality. Several of the suggestions were incorporated into the systems prior to testing which followed in July.
Transportability testing for the MWMSS began in July 2011 at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The MWMSS has passed initial inspection, safety/human factors engineering, physical characteristics, transit drop, rail impact and ground mobility testing. Final inspection was completed the week of September 8th and a final report is in the process of being drafted. The current status is that the systems have passed transportability testing without sustaining damage that reduces the capabilities of the MWMSS. The next step is for a transportability testing review by a team at Natick to determine if the systems will be issued a Shelter Transportability Certification for international transportation.
ECBC’s ADM Division is currently creating a level III Technical Data Package (TDP) which will be used to either build the systems within the Government or procure the systems from private industry. The level III TDP is expected to be completed by the end of 2011. Following completion of the TDP, the prototype MWMSS will be shipped to Edgewood Chemical Biological Center-Rock Island (ECBC-RI) for a Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) on the MWMSS systems. While the systems are at ECBC-RI, the ECBC-RI engineers will complete the vendor item drawings that outline the MWMSS tool load.

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