Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Engineering Test Division Acquires New Testing Facilites Unveiled at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Edgewood Chemical Biological Center's Engineering Test Division (ETD) and the Permeation and Analytical Solutions Branch (PASB) hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on 1 February to mark the unveiling of a new 26-cell Aerosol Vapor Liquid Assessment Group (AVLAG) permeation test system and a newly designed 282-flood cell test system.
The design, fabrication and modifications of the test fixtures were created through partnerships between ETD branches and ECBC’s Advanced Design and Manufacturing Division, in support of the Joint Equipment Assessment Program (JEAP). 
The 26-cell AVLAG test fixture design includes modifications to increase test capacity through efficiency, improved data quality and enhanced customer interaction by using web-based tools such as SharePoint®, which fostered a collaborative effort by PASB, Test, Reliability and Evaluation Branch (TREB), Protective Equipment Test Branch (PET), all ETD branches.  The test fixture is designed to support the JEAP surveillance of IPE as a function of the Defense, Reutilization, Accountability and Disposal Project, the evaluation of the military’s stockpile of chemical protective clothing. Pine Bluff Arsenal will participate in JEAP testing with an identical 26-cell AVLAG test system to be installed by PASB personnel.
Alvin D. Thornton, Director of ECBC's Engineering Directorate, shared opening remarks followed by presentations showcasing ETD’s test capabilities and the partnership between the ETD branches.  After the informational meeting, the attendees were invited to see demonstrations of the new test AVLAG systems in E3510.
PASB welcomed Kent Schmitz and Keith Moses from the sponsoring organization Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) as well as representatives from JEAP, Pine Bluff Arsenal, Joint Program Executive Office and Joint Project Manager-Individual Protection.  Terry Hardin, PBA and Scott Sprouse, JEAP LNO were also in attendance.
The following individuals presented information regarding the new test systems: Brian MacIver, Branch Chief, PASB; Mary McNally, Branch Chief, Protective Equipment Test Branch; Do Nguyen, Branch Chief, Test, Reliability, and Evaluation Branch; Mike Sheely, PASB; Chris Cantler, Joint Research and Development (JRAD) in support of PASB; Tom Lynn, (JRAD) in support of PASB; Chris Steinbach, (JRAD) in support of PASB; Traci Graham (PASB); and Mark Williams, Science Applications International Corporation in support of PASB.

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