Thursday, May 24, 2012

ECBC Test, Reliability & Evaluation Branch Demonstrates Expanded Capabilites to PdM-FPS

Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s Engineering Test Division and other ECBC branches have demonstrated a close professional working relationship with Joint Program Manager Guardian and Product Manager, Force Protection Systems (PdM-FPS). Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Lackovic and Major Angel Rojas visited the Test, Reliability & Evaluation Branch (TREB) facilities in early March to evaluate the current logistical support for their detection systems. During their tour of the facility, they received an overview of the inventory database recently developed by TREB and were able to walk through the shipping warehouse. The PdM-FPS team provided positive feedback from their visit and expressed their gratitude to the TREB team for providing professional support to the Warfighter’s mission.

TREB currently supports the PM to co-chair the Production, Test and Evaluation Integrated Product Teams for the Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System and Lighting Kit Motion Detector (LKMD). LTC Lackovic expects TREB’s role to increase for LKMD as the system prepares to undergo Production Verification and Product Acceptance Testing for its new production contract in Third Quarter FY12.

In addition to the inventory database system, TREB developed a new fielding support process that allows current fielding teams to conduct their mission in a much more efficient manner. Critical to the fielding support process is the Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDR) currently in place to process systems returning from the field that need to be replaced immediately. The PQDR documents all action and communication between the contractor, government and DCMA to ensure the problem is fixed and prevented in future units. To review the PQDR process, visit

In 2011, TREB partnered with the Environmental Field Test Branch (EFTB) and conducted First Article Testing (FAT) on the LKMD systems for PdM-FPS. The focus of the test was on Reliability, Availability and Maintainability to ensure these systems met all requirements prior to the Program Office committing to Full-Rate Production. Due to TREB’s outstanding performance during this test event, PdM-FPS leadership decided to add fielding support to the current logistical support agreement. In order to accommodate PdM-FPS fielding needs, TREB requested assistance from the Detection Engineering Branch (DEB) which currently have several New Equipment Training (NET) certified instructors.

Per request of the PdM-FPS, TREB and DEB conducted a LKMD and BAIS NET in March to demonstrate the capabilities of the newly formed fielding team. Not only was the proficiency of the training team established, but personnel from the Communications and Electronic Command (CECOM) were able to learn about the capabilities of these two systems, which will be placed under their umbrella for sustainment in the near future. This additional fielding support will assist the Product Manager to accelerate its fielding schedule and make these systems available to soldiers sooner than expected. This enhanced force protection capability will allow for increased advanced knowledge of the area of (AOR) responsibility related to the current battlefield environment.

This recent visit provided LTC Lackovic and MAJ Rojas an overview of the critical support provided from the TREB team and reaffirmed their confidence on successful management of the logistical support for their systems. TREB will continue to explore expanding partnerships with internal ECBC organizations and looks forward to continuing its relationship with PdM-FPS in the future.

"Centralizing testing, shipping, fielding, and training of equipment allows for a more thorough, efficient process. This consolidation ultimately allows for better support to the Warfighter,” said Dan O’Neill, Test, Reliability and Evaluation Branch Engineer.

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